Thursday, July 13, 2006

Colson, Bono, Kidd and Worship

Chuck Colson has a good, brief Breakpoint on Worship this week. Bono and Reggie Kidd weigh in beautifully.


At 8:16 PM , Blogger Emmanuel said...

Great article! Truly, good music, worshipful music, leaves one with the longing of something more, something big. I especially like the Reggie Kidd quote that "music opens the imagination to the possibility that what we see is not all there is.” But that's how it is with so much more, isn't it? Creation comes to mind...I enjoy nature and creation and life tremendously, but I see something so much greater that all that is pointing to! Good stuff man...hope all is well.

At 12:26 PM , Blogger Josh said...

Gladd to see chuck c. is reading Reggie Kidd.

"When we sing, we are not alone. WE join a song our Savior is singing, and our singin is a sharing in his reclamation of our lost race." R.K.

I've been stewing a bit these past months on Kidd's book. I'm not quite sure how to teach it yet. It's been an incredible promise to cling to though, knowing that every time I lead or join with the people of God in worship through song that we are all joining into the praise that Jesus perfectly offers to the Father.


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