Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reflection on Acts 29 Bootcamp

Top Things About My Experience at Acts 29 Bootcamp

1. A refreshing and refining sense of call to churchplanting through conversation with my wife and others.

2. Exposure to a churchplanting network that has skillfully appropriated missiology for the N. American context, while retaining a sound, evangelical and reformed theological foundation.

3. A gospel-centered network that sees Jesus and the good news as the cure to a sin-sick church and culture.

4. A good session on missional preaching, including helpful comments on narrative exposition/preaching redemptive-historically by Darrin Patrick.

5. A practical session on establishing a “Religious Corporation” (501C-3).

Bottom Things About My Experience at Acts 29 Bootcamp

1. Unclear communication about the assessment process and practical benefits in becoming an Acts 29 churchplanter, e.g. how is accountability fostered, when if ever will I get a coach, what is the best way to raise support within the network?

2. Very young group of assessors and leaders, but the leadership has to start somewhere!

3. Very little training on the “nuts and bolts” of churchplanting, e.g. how to develop and impart vision, selecting and preparing a launch team, networking for the kingdom, knowing your city/community, launch services, how to review the first year of churchplanting critically.

**Philosophically, theologically, and interpersonally (great group of pastors) I would highly recommend Acts 29 as a churchplanting network, but would equally recommend that a churchplanter also pursue denominational or agency training on the nuts and bolts of churchplanting.


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