Monday, December 05, 2005

Through Christ

We want Christ to be central in who we are and what we do because he is the reason we exist (Col 1:16-17; Heb 1:3, 2; Cor 3:18, 4:6). It is only through Christ that we can redemptively engage anyone or anything (Col 3.17). Thus, Christ is both the means and the model of Spirit-led discipleship. As the means of Spirit-led discipleship, it is in Christ alone that anyone can experience the transforming power of redemption (Act 4.12; Eph 1.7; Col 1.14). Moreover, through Christ’s death and resurrection his disciples are given his Spirit to empower them for Christ-imitating living, for engaging peoples and cultures with the gospel (Jn 16.7, 13). As the model of Spirit-led discipleship, Jesus followed the Spirit into trial and triumph, burdens and blessings (Lk 4.1ff). In Jesus, we observe a redemptive engagement with people and cultures in contexts of adversity and acceptance. He crossed cultural and ethnic boundaries to share His love and the offer of eternal life (Jn 4.1ff). He critiqued religious practices (Jn 2.14-17) and praised secular ones (Lk 7.2-9; 20.25; Rom 13.1-7). Jesus sought the redemption of institutions and individuals. Therefore, when we speak of “redemptively engaging peoples and cultures through Christ,” we are recognizing that our discipleship is grounded in Jesus. He is the means and the model of our faith!


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